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About us

About Mixmart


Mixmart is sponsored by the Langotex Solutions Group Inc., a new business located in Ottawa whose mission is to offer a one-stop-shop for to Canadian businesses for all their needs.

We have decided to create Mixmart to respond to diverse needs, such as those of a start-up company.

Being a new company ourselves, we found that it was difficult for us to find all of the information that was needed to start our company. During this phase, we would’ve liked to have a site where we could find everything that we needed with a single click. To our surprise, we found that, apart from a few rare sites like Kijiji, new company do not have very many avenues to find the information that they’re looking with a single click.

With Mixmart, we hope that new companies find the information that they need in the section reserved for them.

Furthermore, we would like to respond to the needs of embassies and foreigners living in the nation’s capital. They definitely need the services. Again, we have found that, apart from Kijiji, there aren’t many choices. This site is one of many of our projects designed to facilitate the jobs of companies and individuals alike. So, this site is yours. We will work together. Don’t hesitate to give us suggestions via our contact form.

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